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Wednesday, June 5th, 2024

Big Update, New Features for Image Describer Tool! Clipboard Upload, Advanced Models, and More!

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Hey everyone! Today, I'm excited to share the latest updates to our image describer tool. Whether you're a researcher, data analyst, or art lover, our tool is here to give you an amazing experience. We've made some major upgrades recently, making it more powerful and easier to use than ever before!

Check Out the New Features

Clipboard Image Upload

Uploading images is now super easy! Just use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to upload your images. No more searching for file locations.

Advanced Model Support

We've added the latest advanced AI models, capable of handling complex tasks like code and text generation, text editing, problem-solving, and data extraction.

Ask Photos Anything

This new feature lets you ask specific questions about your uploaded images, and our system will provide intelligent answers. For example, you can ask, "Is this watermelon sweet?" or "What famous buildings are in this photo?" and get instant answers.

Application Scenarios

Our new application scenarios feature helps you explore the stories and emotions behind images. Whether it's old photos or artworks, our tool can interpret them creatively.

4MB Large Image Upload

We now support uploads of images up to 4MB, and members can have multiple conversations with a single upload.

Diverse Applications

Our tool is not just powerful, it's versatile too, covering a wide range of applications:

Art and Historical Photos Interpretation

  • Creatively interpret old photos and artworks. Understand the creative background, emotions, and stories behind the images for a deeper appreciation of art.

Research, Finance, and Business Analysis

  • Make data analysis easier. Whether it's charts or complex statistical images, we can quickly extract key information for you.

Precise Object Recognition

  • Accurately identify key elements in photos. From animals and plants to artifacts, artworks, people, landmarks, and famous buildings, we can turn them into searchable text.

Thank you all for your continuous support. We'll keep working hard to bring you more exciting and useful features. Stay tuned!