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Ask Photos, Upload your photos or artwork, let AI reveal Image Content, Emotional Insights, Data Chart Analysis, and Creation Background. Whether you're an artist, designer, researcher, or anyone interested, this "Image Describer" offers new perspectives and efficiency for your work and creations. Try it now!

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Explore the Power of Image Describer

Discover a world of possibilities hidden within your images. Generate descriptions, extract data, translate text, and more. Image Describer empowers you to:

Describe Picture

Generate a detailed textual description of an image.

Image To Prompt

Create prompts suitable for AI image generators (e.g., Stable Diffusion, Midjourney) based on an image.

Provide a summary of the content depicted in this image

Offer a concise overview of the image's main elements and themes.

Extract and list all the content or elements found in this image

Identify and list all objects, features, and details present in the image.

Create a fitting and catchy title for this image

Generate potential titles that are relevant and engaging.

Translate the text in the picture into English

Extract and translate any text within the image into English.

Extract the data from the table in this image and present it in a structured format

Interpret and structure data contained in tables within images.

Convert the content of this image into executable code

This is a complex task and may not be possible for all images. It likely refers to interpreting code snippets or visual layouts and generating corresponding code.

Generate a captivating tweet for this photo

Compose a tweet that is attention-grabbing and relevant to the image content.

Discover How AI Transforms You Image Processing Efficiency

Old Photos and Artworks

This photo captures a family of four, with the background and clothing styles suggesting it was taken in the 1990s or early 2000s. The parents are holding their two children, all facing the camera with slightly serious expressions, a common pose for that era. The overall tone of the photo is yellowish, giving it a nostalgic feel and preserving precious memories of this family.

Breathing New Life into Old Photos and Artworks

Old photos from your childhood and unique artworks often get forgotten over time, and the stories and emotions behind them can fade away.

Our tool can creatively and uniquely reinterpret old photos and artworks. By deeply analyzing their backgrounds, emotions, and the stories behind them, we can bring new life to each image, helping you see and appreciate them in a whole new way.

Data Chart Analysis

This chart illustrates the vertical distribution of radioactive Cesium-137 (¹³⁷Cs) in soil from Panchpokhari (2013) and Selin Co (2014 and 2017), showing an increase in ¹³⁷Cs with depth in Panchpokhari, likely due to erosion and weathering, and generally lower levels in Selin Co, reflecting different environmental processes at each location.

Clear Insights from Complex Charts

In research, finance, and business, analyzing chart data is a crucial part of the job. But sometimes, charts can be complicated and hard to understand, especially if their source is unclear.

Our tool can intelligently break down research, financial, and business charts, helping you quickly understand what they’re showing. It can also trace the origin of the charts, providing detailed background information and data sources, so you always know where the data comes from.

keys:Jade, Pendant, Prosperity This is an icy jade pendant, intricately carved into three smooth, plump water droplets. The design is simple and elegant, with profound symbolism. The three cascading droplets represent the "Three Stars of Fortune" – Fu, Lu, and Shou – symbolizing happiness, prosperity, and longevity.

Find the right content, more intuitively

We often need to quickly find specific images for work, like animals, plants, crafts, art pieces, people, landmarks, and famous buildings. Doing this manually is time-consuming and exhausting.

With our advanced AI technology, our tool can accurately pinpoint key elements in photos. Whether it’s animals, plants, crafts, art, people, landmarks, or famous buildings, our tool can identify them precisely and turn them into searchable text. This makes finding information fast, easy, and saves you a lot of time and effort.

Image Describer Use Case Examples

绿色, 蓝色, 黄色


Bedroom, Dollhouse, Vintage

The room is a dollhouse bedroom, decorated in a vintage style. The walls are a pale yellow with a subtle striped pattern. The bed is adorned with a white ruffled coverlet and pillows. A doll is lying on the bed, dressed in a white gown. There is a nightstand next to the bed, with a burning candle on top. A small rug is on the floor near the foot of the bed. There are also some artwork on the walls, including a portrait and a landscape. The room is lit by soft, warm lighting, which creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The room is decorated in a way that suggests it belongs to a girl from an earlier time period. It is a charming and nostalgic scene.



Philosophy, Ethics, Truth

The image shows a laptop screen displaying a page from a philosophy textbook. The page is titled "Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person" and it includes a comprehension check that asks students to complete statements about the concept of truth. The text is set against a white background with a red line at the top, indicating it is a title. This image conveys a sense of intellectual inquiry and exploration of fundamental questions about the nature of truth, human existence, and the role of reason in understanding the world. It suggests a classroom environment where students are grappling with these complex concepts and being guided to develop their own philosophical perspectives. Overall, it signifies the pursuit of knowledge and self-discovery through philosophical reflection.

Outfit, Dog, Anime

She is wearing a brown and white outfit with a brown and white hat. She has large brown ears and a brown tail. She is wearing brown gloves and brown shoes. She is holding a bone in her right hand. She appears to be a cartoon character.


This is a sketch of a furry anthro character. The character appears to be a canine or feline hybrid. They are standing with one paw raised, and they have a surprised expression on their face. The drawing is done in a simple, cartoon style, and the lines are confident and fluid. This is a good example of an expressive sketch that captures the character's personality.

What Our Users Are Saying

I often struggle to understand many data analysis charts at work. Using this tool to interpret the charts into text is amazing!

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Vlad Matsiiako

Your AI tool for providing visual descriptions of uploaded images was a great help in preparing for my upcoming art exhibition. I have now bookmarked it! Cheers!

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Bonnie Green


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VIctory Road

Frequently asked questions

Search for the questions that are frequently asked about Image Describer

How to get the description of an image?

To begin, select an image from your device or paste one directly. You can optionally input any questions you have in the "ASK QUESTIONS (OPTIONAL)" box. Click the "Description Generation" button and the AI tool will automatically analyze your image to generate a description.

How do I delete a publicly shared image in the Explore section?

You can open the Explore section, locate the image you wish to delete, take a screenshot of the image, and write an email including the time frame when the image was uploaded, the screenshot, and the reason for deletion (optional). Send this email to our official address. We will review and process your request within 24 hours.

How to generate a prompt from a picture?

You can generate Stable Diffusion and Midjourney prompts directly using our [Image To Prompt] tool. Alternatively, upload an image to the [AI Image Describer] tool and type "Write a Midjourney natural language prompt for the following image" in the [ASK QUESTIONS] input box to get a prompt for that image.

How to Protect Privacy When Using Image Describer?

This AI image describer tool prioritizes your privacy and does not record any personal information without your explicit consent. Only with your permission will the website share your image interpretations and content in its case library.

How is the image describer tool implemented?

The image describer tool is implemented using large-scale language models. It recognizes elements and their relationships in images, analyzing color, shape, and texture to reveal hidden meanings.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.


We keep the changelog public to show you that Image Describer is a well-updated and maintained product. Read through the timeline of updates by browsing the changelog below.

Image Describer - v2.0
Released on July 3rd, 2024

Enhanced Upload and Sharing Capabilities

  • Introduced clipboard upload functionality for images, enhancing user convenience.
  • Added a sharing feature, enabling users to share image description across various platforms.
  • Launched the Explore section for sharing user-public images and descriptions.
  • Added use case scenarios and operational video demonstrations.
  • Launched the pricing page for the Image Describer, outlining different subscription plans and features.

Image To Prompt - New Feature Launch

  • Launched a new feature: Image To Prompt. Generate creative and precise text-to-image prompts tailored for Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and custom models.
Image Describer - v1.7
Released on June 5th, 2024

Advanced Models and Layout Optimization

  • Added advanced model support for more accurate Describe Image.
  • Introduced a "Ask a Question" feature for querying images.
  • Optimized layout: left-right layout for PC, top-bottom layout for mobile.
  • Updated the FAQ, including how to delete images from the Explore section.
Image Describer - v1.5
Released on May 12th, 2024

Multilingual Support and User System

  • Added multi-language support (English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean).
  • Launched a blog feature to share informative articles addressing tool-related questions and insights.
  • Added a "Contact Us" feature for user inquiries, with a 24-hour response time.
  • Introduced a theme feature, supporting default and dark themes.
  • Integrated the user management platform to enable user login and account management.
Image Describer - v1.0
Released on January 2nd, 2024

Foundation & First Release

  • Developed the initial concept for the Image Describer tool.
  • Released static web pages for the tool.
  • Integrated ERNIE 3.5 for image describer.
  • Optimized page layout to enhance user interaction experience.

Recent Posts

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How to Delete Images from Explore


If you need to delete an image from the Explore section, locate and screenshot the image, prepare a deletion request with details and a brief explanation, and send it to our official email. We will review and process your request within 24 hours. Ensure you have the right to request the deletion.

Big Update - New Features for Image Describer Tool


We’ve added clipboard image upload, advanced AI models, and a new "Ask Photos Anything" feature. Now, you can upload larger images (up to 4MB) and use our tool for diverse applications like art interpretation, research analysis, and precise object recognition.

Kostenloser KI-Bildbeschreiber erhält Dark Mode und Explore-Funktion


Wir haben den Bildbeschreiber mit einem Dark Mode für komfortables Browsen in der Nacht und einer Explore-Funktion aktualisiert, mit der Sie kreative Bilder und Beschreibungen teilen und entdecken können. Genießen Sie ein benutzerfreundlicheres Erlebnis und unendliche kreative Inspiration.

User Praise for AI Describe Picture Feature


We've received positive feedback for the Image Describer feature, particularly its effectiveness in analyzing research charts. Users suggest expanding training to include natural sciences and finance for broader data interpretation. This aligns with our goal to enhance chart analysis and provide comprehensive insights. We're committed to continuous improvement based on user input.

Blog System Launch and Future Plans for Image Describer AI


We launched a blog system for "Describe Image AI" to provide updates, tips, and user feedback. Future plans include an Explore section for sharing images, automatic image title generation, image style transfer, and subscription plans. Stay tuned for more enhancements!

Growth and Future of the AI Image Describer Tool


Since launching the "AI Image Description" tool, we’ve actively promoted it on platforms like Hacker News and ProductHunt, gaining valuable user feedback. We improved multilingual support and mobile optimization, and enhanced model accuracy. Traffic peaked at 1,000 users/day and stabilized at 200 users/day. We’re committed to continuous improvement based on user feedback.

Official Release of the Image Describer


I’m excited to announce the launch of the "Image Alt Text Generator," a tool that uses AI to provide creative image descriptions. Designed for artists and designers, it uncovers hidden details and emotions in images. Try it out and look forward to ongoing improvements.

Why I Developed the Image Describer Tool Site


Inspired by cherished old photos, I created the Image Describer tool to use AI for deeper, emotional interpretations of images. The tool provides creative descriptions, showcasing the stories behind photos. Key features include photo uploads, AI-generated descriptions, and an Explore section for shared images and interpretations.